What Are Bags Under Your Eyes?

Bags under your eyes are usually associated with a lack of sleep, but the fact is that some people are more prone to them that others. Some of this has to do with lack of sleep, fair enough, but other reasons are age, skin sort and bone structure.

Therefore, if you begin seeing bags under your eyes all of a sudden, then you can assume that the problem is because of recent activities, but if you merely find that the bags under your eyes are becoming more and more prominent as you become older, then the reason may be more fundamental.

Numerous people, especially women, spend time each day of their adult life looking after the skin under their eyes, because they realize that that area of their face is the most scrutinized by friends and strangers alike. Individuals are conscious that their eyes are mirrors of their feelings (or even souls) and they would like those mirrors to be set in as beautiful frames as they can.

The fact is that for the majority of younger people, the reason for bags under the eyes is as simple as lack of sleep. However, it is the cause of the lack of sleep that should be the foremost anxiety.

If it is only because they have young babies, then that is par for the course or if it is because of partying all night, the remedy is simple, but if it is because they are worrying all night then that is something else. The cause for the worry has to be sorted out.

Illness is another cause for getting bags under your eyes and then it is a question of going to your doctor. Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia also fall into this category, but doctors can help here too.

There are thousands or treatments for bags under your eyes which come about as a result of weakening facial skin muscles, which usually happens through age. Some individuals use costly skin creams and others decide to use more traditional remedies. However, both the costly creams and the traditional cures usually rely on the use of astringents.

I cannot profess to know which are the best creams, but I can list a couple of the time-honored remedies for bags under your eyes. Numerous people try used tea bags, slices of cucumber or cold eye covers like wet cotton wool that has been kept in the fridge or even the freezer.

Still other individuals want an immediate and more permanent cure for the bags under their eyes and choose for surgery. This form of surgery is not as radical as having a full face lift but it works in a comparable manner. A person who undergoes tucks under the eyes will experience black eyes for a short time and a little discomfort at first, but the improvement will last for years.

Some individuals decide to have this type of surgery done 'whilst on vacation' somewhere, so that none of their friends notice that they have black eyes for a couple of days.


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